Arizona Grain sells several varieties of Alfalfa seed specifically designed for the Southwest environment. Our unique Arizona climate combined with several different growing areas requires a diverse selection of alfalfa varieties from which to choose. Arizona Grain is proud to represent the best brands available to meet the needs of our demanding growing seasons. Please contact one of our representatives for further information on the alfalfa seed products we carry.

Arizona Grain Premium Desert Blend Alfalfa Seed is a 4-way blend that is so good growers ask for it by name. Growers tell us that it yields heavy tonnage in the spring, as well as through the summer. With three of the finest University of California Davis varieties plus one high quality proprietary, the best of the blended alfalfa’s are working for you. There are three #9 and one #8 non-dormant alfalfas. All four have different traits to help with your pest and disease problems so through the years the strongest plants will survive to help you with a long stand life.
Agronomic Traits

  • Winter hardiness (non-dormant)
  • Long Stand Life
  • High Forage Yield
  • Good Aphid Resistance
  • Good Disease Resistance
  • Good Nematode Resistance
  • Good Soil Adaptation
  • Good Fusarium Wilt Protection
  • Tolerant to Phytophthora Root Rot

Since 1958, the W-L name has been behind some of the most sought after alfalfa varieties available in the market today. In fact, over 55 years of genetic research and trait development has resulted in some of the highest-yielding, most disease and pest resistant varieties in the world, all while maintaining the award winning forage quality that’s become synonymous with the first and second name in alfalfa, Waterman and Loomis.


WL 656HQ—Our newest very nondormant HQ (high quality-selected) alfalfa, WL 656HQ carries on in the great tradition set by WL 625HQ: Very high yield potential, outstanding persistence, and unmatched hay quality, producing outstanding per-acre profitability when compared to the competition. With superior levels of resistance to all important disease, aphid, and nematode pests, WL 656HQ is clearly the nondormant alfalfa to beat!

WL 656 HQ  - The One To Beat!
Agronomic Traits Pest Resistant Traits
Fall Dormancy 9.3 Fusarium Wilt HR (60%)
Forage Yield Index Very High Anthracnose R
Feed Value Superior Phyt. Root Rot HR (65%)
Persistence index Very High Blue Aphid HR
Tolerance to wet soils Excellent Pea Aphid HR (58%)
Aphid Resistance 15/15 Spotted Aphid HR (69%)
Harvest recovery Very Fast Stem Nematode HR (54%)
Traffic tolerance Very Good Root Knot Nematode HR (71%)
Standability Excellent    


The Gold Treatment takes high quality W-L Alfalfa seed and makes it better: Improved seedling vigor, faster stand establishment, and greater seeding-year profitability. The growth boost provided by the addition of Optimize Gold, micronutrients, and gypsum through the Gold Treatment maximizes the seed-to-plant ratio and ensures that your investmentin premiumW-L alfalfa seed pays off immediately and for years to come.

Sunset Brand 59
A non-dormant blend adapted to the low desert areas of Arizona and California.

For more information on these varieties please click the logo link or contact your Arizona Grain Representative.
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Casa Grande – Corey Brown (520) 709-8989
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