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Arizona Grain sells several varieties of corn seed specifically designed for the southwest environment. Our unique Arizona climate combined with several different growing areas requires a diverse selection of corn varieties from which to choose. Arizona Grain is proud to represent the best corn seed brands available to meet the needs of our demanding growing seasons. Please contact an Arizona Grain representative for further information on the corn seed products we carry.

Few corn seed companies are breeding specifically for the silage market these days. But Golden Acres has a long history as a consistent leader in silage trials, and that's not a position we're willing to give up. We even developed a special Optimal Silage icon to easily identify the Golden Acres hybrids that possess the unique characteristics necessary to produce a top corn silage crop.

 G7601, G8551, G8555 - 117 and 118 day maturity
Top varities in the University of Arizona's 2013 silage corn variety trial in Central Arizona
Robust plant structure and long girthy ears with above average test weight
Excellent husk cover for additional disease and insect protection

Golden Acres exists to preserve the values, traditions, and independence of the family farmer. So instead of just focusing on products that best perform where you live and farm, we offer you choices from a family-owned seed business that has been three generations in the making.

Eureka Seeds has become a large regional supplier of hybrid corn, hybrid sorghum and alfalfa seed to farmers throughout the western United States. Selling under the Eureka Seeds Brand, Eureka has established a strong network of distributors and dealers to promote and sell a full lineup of high performing seed products. In addition to marketing products from traditional plant breeding efforts, Eureka has made several strategic alliances, which have allowed it to gain access to the latest transgenic developments currently available.

For more information on these Brands please contact your Arizona Grain Representative

Casa Grande - Corey Brown (520) 709-8989
Yuma - Mike Daily (928) 920-2560
Buckeye - Britt Morris (520) 251-0967





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