Desert Durum Pesticides Alert  02/07/13 9:22:23 AM


Dear Desert Durum Grower®

MARKET ACCESS UPDATE- PESTICIDES                                Updated February 7, 2013


As you already know the Desert Durum® you grow for Arizona Grain has been built on a reputation as being the very best quality durum wheat grown anywhere in the world. Collectively we have worked hard to build that reputation and we need to do all we can to maintain that hard won position. Access to our most consistent and enduring market is paramount to your and our success.


All consumers have food safety in mind these days and therefore regulators continually update and modify regulations that are meant to protect the consumer.  The European Union (EU) is no exception.


The EU has set specific limits on the residual amounts of over a hundred different chemicals or pesticides on feed and food products. These residuals are referred to as maximum residual levels or MRL’s. Many of these MRL’s apply to wheat grown or sold within the EU and in our case specifically Italy. Therefore our Desert Durum® must meet these MRL standards.


We have been given an updated list of eighty-eight (88) chemical pesticides that our buyers have asked us to ABSOLUTELY not use or allow to be applied to the wheat they buy. This is regardless of whether the pesticide is labeled for use in the USA on wheat or not. We specifically ask you to not apply these chemical pesticides on your wheat or to allow them to come in contact with your durum wheat crop.


The list of chemicals to avoid applying to your durum wheat crop are:  Alachror, Acrinathrin, Aldrin, Atrazine, Azinphos-Ethyl, Azoxystrobin, Benfluralin, Bifenthrin, Boscalid, Bromophos-Ethyl, Bromopropylate, Buprofezin, Captafol, Captan, Carbaryl, Carbofuran, Cypermethrin, Chlorfenvinphos, Chlorobenzilate, Chlorothalonil, Chlorpyriphos-Ethil, Chlorpropham, Chlorthal-Dimethyl, Cyprodinil, DDT, Diazinon, Diclofop-Methyl, Diclorvos, Dicofol, Difenoconazole, Disulfoton, Endosulfan, Endrin, Epoxiconazole, Etridiazole, Fenamiphos, Fenarimol, Fenazaquin, Fenchlorphos, Fenhexamid, Fenthion, Fenvalerate, Fludioxonil, Folpet, Formothion, Fosmet, Kresoxim-Methyl, Lindane, Linuron, Malathion, Metalaxyl, Methidathion, Methoxychlor, Mevinphos, Miclobutanil, Oxadiazon, Oxadixyl, Oxyfluorfen, Parathyon, Parathyon-Methyl, Penconazole, Pendimenthalin, Permetrina, Phosphine, Pirazophos, Pirimifos-Methyle, Procymidone, Prochoraz, Propham, Profenofos, Prometrin, Propoxur, Pyrimethanil, Quinalphos, Quinoxifen, Simazine, Tebuconazole, Terbufos, Terbuthylazine, Tetraconazole, Tetradifon, Tolclofos-Methyl, Tolyfluanid, Triadimefon-Triadimenol, Triazophos, Trichlorfon, Trifloxystrobin, and Vinclozonil


Following these new pesticide requirements is absolutely necessary to maintain Desert Durum’s ® reputation and market access.


Please call Steve Rosburg or myself if you have any questions regarding this notice at 520-836-8228. We at Arizona Grain and the ultimate buyers or your wheat in the EU appreciate your cooperation.




Eric Wilkey


Arizona Grain, Inc.

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