Important Fertilizer Reminder  03/12/10 12:35:59 PM

Mother Nature has once again thrown us another curve ball, and it’s important that we don’t get called out on strikes.  The numerous rain events thus far this year, although the water is welcome, has caused delayed planting, and because irrigation has not been needed, the application of fertilizer has either been delayed or nothing has been applied since planting. 
Since Mother Nature has seen fit to give us all this free water, it’s apparent, and our opinion, that the plant population and physical growth will more than likely increase the yield to be expected in your Desert Durum, which is a good thing.  But, and there is always a but, we need to remember with the increased plant population and the physical growth of the plant depletes the nitrogen needed to make protein and HVAC color. 
All of our sales of the Desert Durum you produce are sold on the basis of protein and HVAC color, two very important grade factors.   We at Arizona Grain, Inc., ask that you make every effort to obtain the best quality of Desert Durum and make contract specs or better.
Timely application of fertilizer is key to protein , quality, and yield.  The University of Arizona has information available as to timing and quantity of fertilizer application that can prove to be very helpful.  Please consult with your crop input suppliers about getting the right fertilizer applied to maximize your quality and production.
We at Arizona Grain, Inc. and the customers who purchase Desert Durum are relying on your quality production.
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