04/12/17 6:13:45 PM

Need a steady supplier of high quality Bermuda Grass Seed?  You've come to the right place.  Arizona Grain's Seed Division, known best by our brand name Valley Seed, has been a leader in the Bermuda Grass Seed business for many years. We are well known for being a steady conditioner and supplier of common, coated and mixed varieties of seed for home lawns, parks, and erosion control. We also supply giant and giant mixes for pastures.

Our facility in Yuma, Arizona is the home to our Bermuda grass program. We also have a joint venture project for the research and development of new and improved varieties of Bermuda Grass used on golf courses and professional applications.  Our research is being done at the Maricopa Agricultural Center in Maricopa, Arizona. 


The next time you walk barefoot across a plush Bermuda lawn, hopefully it is our seed that made it that way. 

Contact Britt Morris at (623) 386-4741 or Direct to his Cell Phone (520) 251-0967 for more information.

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